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Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most celebrated architectural wonders of New York City. The bridge, also known as The Great East River Bridge, was built across lower East River between Brooklyn and lower Manhattan. The bridge was designed by the brilliant engineer John Augustus Roebling in 1869. When John died during the construction, this 1.5 km-long elegant structure, then the longest suspension bridge, was completed by his son Washington Roebling in 1883. Nearly 1,500,000 people crossed the bridge on its inauguration day. Brooklyn was an independent city until 1898. Later, when Brooklyn became a borough of New York, the bridge served as the connecting point of these two cities for 15 years. A remarkable engineering feat of the 19th century, the bridge is anchored by two neo-Gothic towers and a delicate lacework of steel-wire cables. The soaring lines have influenced many architects, engineers, painters, and poets to pursue their own creative expressions. There is a pedestrian path, which offers unique view of the southern side of Manhattan, especially the magnificent Woolworth building. The entrance to the bridge is across from City Hall Park in Manhattan. South Street Seaport offers magnificent views of the bridge.