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Allegheny College

Allegheny College was founded in 1815 in Meadville, Pennsylvania. It is a nationally ranked liberal arts college with about 2,000 undergraduates. During the Civil War, the college's students formed their own company and fought on the Union side in a number of battles, including Second Bull Run, Antietam, Spottsylvania, and Gettysburg. The bloodstained flag that the student-soldiers carried into battle was recently rediscovered. Allegheny College, one of the oldest colleges in United States, testifies daily about the determination and vision of the early pioneers of higher education in America. The college still maintains its historic affiliation with the United Methodist Church. The college has 38 buildings on a 72-acre central campus, in addition to 182-acre outdoor recreational complex and 283-acre nature preserve. The college library, Bentley Hall built in 1820s, stands as an example of the early American architecture. The college welcomes and gives respect to the people of all faiths and traditions. It is a unique place where students can enjoy the college's total educational experience. The college aims at the intellectual growth of each student. Allegheny College offers curriculum which helps the students to develop the educational depth and the intellectual breadth of the subjects. Some of the departments in the college include Art, Biochemistry, Communication Arts, Computer Science, Economics, Environmental Science, Geology, History, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Religious Studies, Neuroscience, and International Studies. The college also offers a residential facility and admission for International students. Allegheny College is ranked as the "Best Value" among the National Liberal Arts Colleges by U.S. News & World Report.