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Air Mobility Command Museum

The Air Mobility Command Museum is a U.S. Air Force-supported facility, located in a historic hangar on the south side of Dover Air Force Base. Founded in 1986, the museum strives to preserve the history of airlift and air refueling aircraft. The museum showcases a collection of more than two dozen aircraft, historical artifacts, and research and archival materials, most of them dating back to World War II. The displays are spread over 20,000 square feet of aircraft gallery plus 1,300 squatre feet of exhibit rooms. Each of the items on display reflects the evolution, history, and varied missions of military airlift and tanker aircraft. Most of the items seen here are donated by private individuals. The military airlift and tanker aircraft section includes a sizeable collection of vintage planes which played an important role in the history of military aviation. The B-17G Flying Fortress, BT-13 Valiant, HH-43 Huskey helicopter, C-141A Starlifter, UH-1 Iroquois, P-51 Mustang, C-130E Hercules, CG-4 Hadrian Glider, and C-7 Caribou are among the significant items on display. The museum's artifacts collection contains the rare and unusual including a space shuttle tile, tropical survival kit, and a silk China-Burma-India Theater blood chit donated by a radio operator assigned to the 1st Combat Cargo Squadron in 1952. The Air Mobility Command Museum has been listed on the National Register of Historical Places. The museum is noted for its commemorative park and a large garden with shrubbery and bright flowers donated by the family of Chief Master Sergeant Walter Johnson. There is also a gazebo installed in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Air Force Reserve. In addition, the museum includes a 100,000 square foot ramp for close-up inspection of airfield operations and a 6,400 square foot building with facilities such as a theater, exhibit workshop, and a store. The museum's facilities are available to non-profit groups for conventions, meetings, reunions, and military functions of all types. It also offers group tours and classes for students of all ages.