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Alton Memorial Hospital

Alton Memorial Hospital, established on November 2, 1937, is recognized for its quality health care services in the River Bend area of southwestern Illinois. The 222-bed non-profit hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Alton Memorial Hospital stands out for its exceptional heart care. It was the first medical facility in the area to perform cardiac catheterization. In addition to that, the hospital is recognized as Alton’s only hospital to provide coronary angioplasty and stent placement. Cardiac rehabilitation and wellness programs are conducted. The Center for Senior Renewal provides mental, emotional and physical care for senior adults. A complete range of diabetic treatment and services are offered at the Diabetes Management Center. Educational sessions are also conducted. Alton Memorial’s Digestive Health Center features sophisticated therapeutic and diagnostic treatment facilities for stomach and intestinal disorders. Further, Alton Memorial includes specialized units such as Human Motion Institute, Family Birth Center, Memory Disorder Diagnostic Center, Pain Management Center, Sleep Disorders Center, and Surgery Center. Eunice C. Smith Home, adjacent to the hospital, is committed to provide therapeutic, religious and counseling services. The hospital also provides a variety of specialties, including: cancer care, orthopedic, oncology, women's health services, gastroenterology, sports medicine, pediatrics and neurology. Rehabilitation, nutritional, hospice, spiritual and home care services are also available. A full range of ongoing support groups, health and wellness programs and screenings are organized. The hospital campus includes such facilities as an information desk, gift shop, cafeteria, and a pharmacy.