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Arkansas Northeastern College

Arkansas Northeastern College (ANC), formerly known as Mississippi County Community College, is a state-supported, two-year traditional college located in Blytheville, Arkansas. Founded in 1975, this Arkansas co-educational institution offers associate degrees and certificate programs. Associate degrees are provided in Arts, Teaching, Science, and Applied Science. Technical certificates, certificates of proficiency and job training programs are included in the certificate programs. Commercial Truck Driving, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Nursing Assistant (CAN) are the job training programs. ANC has five major divisions, which include Allied Health, Communications and Humanities, Mathematics and Science, Occupational Programs, and Technical Programs and Training. The college also assists adults to become literate, obtain knowledge and skills necessary for employment and self-sufficiency, and to complete secondary school education. The Continuing and Community Education provides lifelong learning opportunities through non-credit courses. Distance education is achieved through compressed video courses and internet courses. Adams/Vines Library, Learning Assistance Center, and University Center are some of the facilities on the campus. The University Center, located in the main building, is a facility for bachelor/master degree programs of Arkansas State University, University of Arkansas, and Franklin University.