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Fort Hall Replica

The Fort Hall Replica is a reproduction of the original Hudson's Bay Fort. Construction was based on plans obtained from the Hudson's Bay Company and extensive research based on early descriptions of the fort. Fort Hall Replica takes you back to the 19th Century world of trappers, fur traders, Native Americans, explorers, and historic figures. Fort Hall is located on the banks of the Snake River in what is now Southeast Idaho, in Pocatello. Fort Hall was established in 1834 by Nathaniel Wythe as a trading post. The territory around Fort Hall was a major factor in determining the Oregon Trail. The fort proved to be a benefit to the nation's expansion. The It was allowed to decay and its last timbers were hauled away in 1863 to build a stage station. Jack Alvord was a member of the Idaho Territorial Commission in 1960. He was given the responsibility for the development and studies to get a plan and location together for the fort replica. He oversaw the building of internal structures as well as the design and collection of items for the fort. Following his death in 1980, his wife Laura joined the commission. Laura Alford continued to spearhead the collection of items for the fort and decorated the Factor’s Quarters. Alford also conceived and supervised the “Living History Days.” She died in 1994.