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Rockford Park

Located near 19th Street and Tower Road in Wilmington, Delaware, Rockford Park is a part of the Delaware State Park System. The park has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Founded in 1889, the park was established with 59 acres of land donated by William Pool Bancroft, who is acknowledged as the father of Wilmington’s park system. Presently, the park comprises more than 104 acres of meadow and woodland. The park's focal point is the historic Rockford Tower, one of the most-beautiful architectural treasures of Wilmington. Built in 1901, it is 115 feet tall, set amid rolling hills. The tower's beautifully rugged rock wall encloses a steel water tank that serves as a water reservoir to the western Wilmington community. Further, the observation deck near the top of the tower provides a captivating, 360-degree view of the city and surrounding areas. Surrounded by scenic wooded areas, the park’s large open spaces provide a perfect spot for such activities as jogging, kite flying, and hiking. A dog area with a designated off-leash facility, sledding hills, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, and restrooms are other features. Historical presentations about the tower and the city of Wilmington also are offered. In addition, the park is a venue for such annual events as Wilmington’s Flower Park, as well as various weekend festivities.