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Griffith Park

Located in Los Angeles, Griffith Park is the largest municipal park with urban wilderness area in the United States. It spreads out over more than 4,200 acres of both natural chaparral-covered terrain, as well as landscaped parkland and picnic areas. The park was named after its former owner Colonel Griffith J. Griffith, who purchased the this portion of the Rancho Los Feliz, in 1882. He donated 3,015 acres of his land to the people of Los Angeles as a Christmas gift in December 1896. Griffith Park features native California plants such as oak, walnut, lilac, mountain mahogany, sages, toyon, and sumac. Many recreational attractions have been added to the park. There are numerous family attractions, educational and cultural institutions, hiking and horseback riding trails, golf, a Greek amphitheater, and an observatory and hall of science.