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Ashland Community Arts Center

Ashland Community Arts Center is a hub for arts and culture in Ashland, Ohio. Apart from being a venue for cultural programs, the center offers training programs for people of all ages. The center was established in March 1998. It is currently housed in a historic church dating to 1890. The building, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was donated to the center owing to its immense contribution in promoting artistic and cultural excellence in Ashland. The premises encompass a 240-seat auditorium with lobby and audience areas, an art gallery, and various classrooms. The center regularly holds exhibitions of various art forms. Apart from the exhibitions, training sessions also are held in the classrooms. These classes cover musical instruments, foreign languages, theater, photography, and various other art forms. The quality programs and exhibits strongly conform to the art center’s belief of building a community through the arts.