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Albert Lea Medical Center

NEEDS HISTORICAL CONTENT Albert Lea Medical Center, a part of Mayo Health System, is situated in Albert Lea, Minnesota. The medical center offers healthcare services to its community through its regional clinical locations and specialty programs. In 1997, Albert Lea Clinic and Naeve Health Care Association, two business units of Mayo Health System, merged together to form this medical center. The Albert Lea Medical Center offers a variety of healthcare options such as preventive care and health maintenance programs, diagnostic services, treatment options and rehabilitation services. Albert Lea Cancer Center, a part of Albert Lea Medical Center, offers a comprehensive state-of-the-art cancer care and treatment services in Albert Lea since 1999. The hospital medical staffs include internal medicine, pediatric and obstetrics/gynecology physicians, nurse practitioners and physician's assistants. It also has other physicians specializing in the areas ranging from urology and surgery to neurology. Albert Lea Medical Center has a number of clinics including Albert Lea Clinic, Albert Lea Eye Clinic, Alden Clinic, Cancer Center, Behavioral Health Center, Naeve Hospital and Parkview Care Center. The center also has access to the resources of Mayo Clinic and to its education and collaborative activities through 13 other Mayo Health System organizations.