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George Washington University

George Washington University was established in 1821, as Columbian College in Washington, D.C.. It lies in a historical and prestigious location in an area where the White House and the U.S. Capitol Building are located. The university, which began with three faculty members, one tutor, and 30 students, today enrolls more than 19,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The first graduation ceremony was held in 1824, in the presence of the Marquis de Lafayette, one of the heroes of the American Revolution. Subsequently, a medical school and a law school were added to Columbian College. In 1873, the name of the institution was changed to Columbian University, and later to George Washington University, in 1904. The university became one of the first institutions (in 1888) in the United States to offer the Ph.D. By 1970s, George Washington University became a major undergraduate and graduate institution in the United States. There are three campuses that make up the university grounds, namely Foggy Bottom, the Mount Vernon Campus in northern Washington, D.C., and the Virginia Campus in Ashburn, Virginia. The Foggy Bottom Campus is the main campus in a 43-acre plot with more than one hundred buildings. The other two campuses are spread over 23 acres and 90 acres, respectively. The university is made up of number of colleges which provide courses in various disciplines. Some of these include the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences,Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, School of Business, and the College of Professional Studies. GWU campuses hold a number of student organizations. It serves as the home to one of the first virtual student organizations in the United States, named Educational Technology and Leadership Student Organization, which helps distance education students to cater to their various needs. George Washington University also has well-equipped libraries, residential facilities, and financial assistance for students. It serves as the the largest private landowner in the District of Columbia.