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American Jazz Museum

The American Jazz Museum presents the original form of jazz through research, exhibition, education and performance. The museum, located at Kansas City, Missouri, is the premier jazz museum of the United States. The American Jazz Museum highlights the artistic, historical, and cultural contribution of jazz. In keeping with that, the museum showcases rare photos, album covers, memorabilia, and personal items of such legends as Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, and Charlie Parker. Those artifacts tell stories of the dynamic musical heritage of the nation. The recorded music, concerts, jam sessions, poetry reading and dance performances bring the museum to life. The Blue Room, an integral part the museum, is one of the most popular jazz clubs in the world. Its exhibits throw light on the city’s association with the progress of jazz, featuring a Wall of Fame showcasing the images of the local musicians that made the city style swing. The Studio 18th & Vine, at the museum, provides visitors with an opportunity to experiment with harmony, melody, and rhythm. The Changing Gallery displays artistic exhibits motivated by jazz, baseball, and African-American life. The Gem Theater, with a 500-seat capacity, hosts annual Jammin’ and Jazz concerts.